Sir Albert

Sir Albert is a luxury boutique hotel in Amsterdam embodying the modern aristocratic attitude. What’s a “modern aristocratic attitude”? Glad you asked. Sir Albert is a gentleman of excellent breeding and great good character. In general, think of Sir Albert as the James Bond of the hotel industry, armed with a silver tray instead of Walter PPK. Sir Albert is always sophisticated, witty and friendly. Sir Albert offers personal service and hospitality at the highest level.

About his mansion

Enter Sir Albert's private mansion with its stone washed flooring softened by Persian rugs, super sleek but chic furnishing and detailed craftsmanship. Every aspect of his mansion is based on the great design movements of the past and updated for today. Sir Albert’s eye for detail and design can be felt everywhere around. High ceilings, full length soaring windows and richly layered curtains are just a few details you can expect in his exclusive mansion in Amsterdam.


Sir Albert is a luxury boutique hotel in Amsterdam facing one of Amsterdam’s legendary canals. The property has traditionally been an industrial building designed as a diamond factory for the Kampfraath family. With high ceilings and big windows, the building stays true to its history, but keeps contemporary with interiors by the international award-winning BK Architects.