IZAKAYA (Kitchen & Bar)

Sir Albert’s luxury boutique hotel home features upper class Japanese dining thanks to IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar. The heart of this venue is the traditional Japanese Robata grill. Behind the open grill, in full view of all guests, the IZAKAYA chefs work their magic. IZAKAYA combines this ancient technique with its own trendy signature, resulting in simply irresistible dishes.

IZAKAYA Breakfast

Sir Albert assures you that the IZAKAYA breakfast is the perfect way to start your day and something not to be missed. He has something to suit every palette and every type of eater. There are a number of options and Sir Albert’s health and organic commitments are as legendary as his a la carte dishes and live front cooking. So please, think twice before skipping Sir Albert’s breakfast.

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When it comes to trendy outer hang outs, Amsterdam people are spoiled for choice. So how many does De Pijp district need? The answer could be one, the IZAKAYA terrace. It’s here where you can enjoy all day dining delights, season permitting. From Sir Albert’s famous breakfast till melt-in-the-mouth Japanese dining in the evening. All teamed with the same relaxed atmosphere while overlooking one of the romantic canals of Amsterdam.